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Rock Paper Portside starts this Wed Jan 13th!

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Happy New Year!  And with that in mind we’re happy and proud to announce a third weekly #RockPaperScissors show is back!

Starting this Wednesday (Jan 13th) in Gastown, and every Wed after at The Portside Pub (7 Alexander Street) with the same amazing line-up of improv hosts for #RockPaperPortside.

Just like Corduroy on Mondays, and Beaver on Tuesdays, show up around 8:30 to get your seat, and get ready for an awesome show, and that chance to win great prizes at 9:30 pm.

$4 Jamesons go down so smooth

$5 to play/enter tournament

  • including cash prizes plus a pair of Canucks tickets!
  • stay tuned for more info & online listings coming soon!

#RockPaperPortside #RPSGastown #RPP #JollyBrain



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