Jolly Brain


“I have hired Jolly Brain Productions twice now and have been super happy both times. I am a regional manager for Flight Centre and they hosted our party and held a rock paper scissor tournament. It’s super funny and entertaining, gets everyone involved and pumped. I would highly recommend them for any event and will 100% use them again. Great guys, funny and fantastic energy.”

    Nova Tregaskis – Flight Centre

“A birthday that begins with this deserves a huge thank you. You guys are awesome , everyone had a blast. I’ll see you soon on a Monday!”

    Leah Kermode – Private Party

“Thank you SO much for Monday – you guys were a huge hit! If you want to snoop the reviews (and you should, you stole the show!), take a peek here:

    Jody Brown – Yelp

“We couldn’t have hoped for anything more from Scott Patey and Jolly Brain, who brought their fabulous Rock, Paper, Scissors show to our annual Gala Fundraiser. They exceeded our expectations and had the entire room laughing, some with tears streaming down their faces! Such a simple concept so brilliantly executed. It’s hard to imagine this childhood game kept a room full of adults rapt with attention and full of raucous laughter for an entire hour. Scott’s impeccable sense of timing and ability to read a crowd was spot on and nothing short of impressive. We would highly recommend these guys to anyone looking to inject fun and humour into an event.”

    Kristen Andrews – Cedar Valley Waldorf School

“For more than four years Jolly Brain has been filling our venue with swarms of fans eager to be part of the Rock Paper Scissors phenom. Since it’s inception we’ve hosted more than 200 RPS shows, and hope to host 200 more!”

    Corduroy Restaurant

“We picked a start date and up until this point, I had still never seen any of their shows. I didn’t really know what to expect, I was just going off the recommendation of the staff. From the second the show started, I was in awe. These guys came in to run a rock paper scissors tournament, and we certainly got more that we bargained for. It was also a comedy show that had everyone in stitches.

From that night, I knew we had to make this a regular event at the Beaver. We have been doing this show every Tuesday night to a crowd of regulars and RPS virgins alike! The boys who host the show love what they do and they are extremely good at at. This show has really put a fun spin on Tuesday nights at The Beaver.”

    The Beaver @ Samesun Backpackers Vancouver

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